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"I've got a patchwork blanket
Where my patchwork pals all play
They keep me safe at night and
Keep me happy in the day..."


Something sensational happens on a patchwork blanket with animal figures: the animals come to life. They are doing well, they are alive and kicking - but here and there there are little challenges: The pig doesn't want to take a shower, the lion can't roar anymore, the polar bear is sweating and the beaver has a wiggly tooth. In a heart-warming way, the other animals provide help, and life on the patchwork blanket is soon back on track. - The award-winning series "Patchwork pals" by Angela Steffen and Studio Film Bilder consists of 52 films. It began its television career on "Sandmännchen" / KiKA and at the BBC in England. In the meantime, the cute animal characters have conquered the hearts of children all over the world.